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  “The most important political office is that of the private citizen.”  - Justice Louis Brandeis

Stardate 2017

Get Going America or Lose your Democracy! -

-a July 4th (2017) Message from Ralph Nader:

Below are the 3 paragraphs of "Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them," by Ralph Nader,  Published on

Common Dreams, -which can be seen and read at:

'...Citizens of America, the Fourth of July is coming up – the day in 1776 when American patriots rebelled against King George III’s closed doors and exclusion from  justice. Then and now, everyday people find themselves shut out by the powers that be.  Today, millions of shut out Americans face daily denial of healthcare, secretive companies repeatedly telling them to get lost and bureaucrats invoking government secrecy.

Raise your voices, Americans! Shake off the clever slogans and lies of the craven  politicians and the intricate chains enveloping your credit/debit economy. Challenge an educational system that avoids giving the next generation the citizen skills and experience necessary to open the doors of democracy and secure its many blessings.

Start with the Congress to whom you have delegated, but not surrendered, your Constitutional power. This Fourth of July, you can make your voices heard in front of your senators’ and representative’s local offices, and call on your friends and neighbors to do the same through social media. No one can stop you from opening that door, at least not yet. Visit for a Citizen Summons to your legislators that can start opening the doors.'


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