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 "The most important political office is that of the private citizen.” - Justice Louis Brandeis

Stardate: Spring-Summer, 2020


Amazing what a little seat belt/air bag can avoid:  50 million deaths.

Imagine what a little investment in money, time and research and development of Rx's for viruses has done and can do, again and again. And again. Or for cancer research. Or to end poverty. Or war. Or climate change. Or to end drug addiction.
So many 'wars' so little time but - a stitch in time saves nine. + a few trillion$ and tens of thousands, if not millions of lives.  You'd think members of a so-called conservative Party, Republicans, would have remembered this and allocated the scarce trillions they spend every year, (with Democrats,) more sensibly instead of gutting/ending decent health, education and welfare programs for Americans.
Alan DiCara, Editor, Public Interest News Network