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US SBA says it approved tons of disaster loan funds for people Puerto Rico but has YET to confirm any of these funds have actually been distributed and made available to qualifying applicants for such disaster loan funds.

Dateline: March 27th, 2018, Washington DC - from the US SBA:

Chastang, Carol

Mar 27 (1 day ago)
to me

Here are the SBA disaster loan approval numbers as of close of business March 26  for Hurricanes Irma and Maria—Puerto Rico:


Hurricane Irma

Home disaster loans—21 approved for a total of $892,700

Business disaster loans—7 approved for a total of $484,100

Total approved after Hurricane Irma—28 disaster loans for $1.3 million ($1,376,800)


Hurricane Maria

Home disaster loan—33,798 loans approved for  a total of $1 billion ($1,159,775,600)

Business disaster loans—1,870 loans approved for a total of $137 million ($137,023,900)

Total approved after Hurricane Maria—35,668 disaster loans approved for $1.2 billion ($1,296,799,500)


Carol Chastang

Public Affairs Specialist|Press Office

U.S. Small Business Administration

(202) 205-6987 |


-and a followup inquiry to Congresswoman DeLauro (member of the House Committee on Appropriations  and other committees):


re: press inquiry re aid for Puerto Rico from US SBA
Dear Cong DeLauro and Mr Serio,
On first glance, it may appear that from the info below from US SBA, our US SBA has actually given out money to applicants to US SBA disaster loans. To confirm this, I have asked this person at US SBA's Communications Office to confirm that the funds noted below as being "approved" - have actually been given to qualifying applicants in Puerto Rico so they can begin the hard task of rebuilding homes, businesses, schools and other structures not otherwise insured, and hopefully before our next hurricane season.  
I understand there are always conditions on receiving any federal funds and wonder if any for these SBA disaster loans may have delayed any such distributions to applicants and if so, how, and to what effect overall?
Since I have had no reply to a latter inquiry I made - only a restatement that loans had been 'approved'-, I ask if you would please determine this by contacting the SBA and getting back to me please with answers to my questions above?  And I also wonder the extent to which former residents of Puerto Rico now relocated to and residing in Connecticut and other states might be eligible for such disaster loans as well as those people still struggling to live in Puerto Rico?
Alan DiCara, Editor, Public Interest News Network


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